Types of LiftMaster Openers and Operators We Offer

– Chain Drive Openers
– Belt Drive Openers
– Screw Drive Openers
– Wall Mount Openers
– Smart Openers
– Trolley Operators
– Hoist Operators
– Jackshaft Operators
– Slide Operators
– Light-Duty Operators
– Medium-Duty Operators
– Industrial-Duty Operators

What are the benefits of replacing older garage door products with upgraded models?

Just because a garage door or overhead door opens and closes doesn’t mean it’s serving you well! Old and outdated products are more likely to malfunction, increasing the risk of injuries or property vulnerability. Save time and money on garage door repair by replacing old door products with newer models that offer: 
– Increased home value
– Improved curb appeal
– User-friendly features
– Dependable door operation
– Enhanced safety and security
– Customized designs and styles
– And so much more!

What is the quietest type of garage door opener?

If you want a quiet garage door opener, choose a belt drive opener! These ultra-quiet openers run on a rubber belt instead of a metal chain.

Do garage door screens open and close manually or automatically?

The answer is both! Lifestyle screens have motorized screen options or easily retractable manual options available for installation near Conway, AR.

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