Common Repairs

– Commercial Overhead Door Repair
– Commercial Overhead Door Spring Replacement
– Commercial Overhead Door Operator Repair/Replacement
– Commercial Overhead Door Cable Repair/Replacement
– Stuck Commercial Overhead Door Repair
– Off-Track Commercial Overhead Door Repair

Signs You Need Repairs

– Your overhead door starts to open/close and then stops/reverses
– Your overhead door is making a grinding noise when operating.
– Your overhead door opens slowly or at an angle.
– Your overhead door has loose/falling parts.
– Your overhead door is stuck.
– Your overhead door is 10+ years old.

How long do commercial overhead doors last?

Most commercial overhead doors will last 15-20 years. This can vary greatly depending on how often the door is in use, the amount of maintenance it has had, or if any damage has occurred to the door.

Should I repair or replace my commercial overhead door?

If your commercial overhead door is over 15 years old or has undergone extensive damage, a replacement may be your best option. Otherwise, you can probably just get a commercial overhead door repair. Contact us, and we’ll examine your door and give you a recommendation.

Do you repair commercial overhead door operators?

We do! We offer commercial overhead door operator repair and installation services. Contact us to learn more!

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