Signs You Need These 5 Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs: Be Aware of the Signs

Have you ever been headed out for the day, only to find your vehicle stuck in the garage because your garage door won’t open suddenly? Or maybe your garage door is broken, but you know exactly what happened. You accidentally drove straight into your garage door, and now your dented panels mock you every time you look at them.

Garage doors become damaged and need repairs for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when a repair is necessary; other times, the signs are more subtle. Either way, in this article, our Coney’s Garage Doors experts will cover:

  • Five common garage door repairs homeowners need
  • Signs you need these five common garage door repairs 
  • Our #1 tip for avoiding common garage door repairs
  • The importance of booking garage door repair quickly

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs carry the door’s weight as it opens and closes, ensuring proper balance and safe door operation. Worn down or broken springs pose a significant safety risk to people and property due to the tension they’re under. If you notice the following signs of a faulty spring, book garage door spring repair immediately:

Excessively loud noises during operation
Large gaps in the springs’ coils
The door is too heavy to lift manually
The garage door slams shut without warning
The garage door opens at an angle

Garage Door Roller Repair

Tasked with guiding the garage door along the tracks, garage door rollers are a vital component of the garage door system. If garage door rollers are damaged and unable to do their job, the garage door is at risk of falling off its tracks. Schedule garage door roller repair if you notice:

Cracked or bent rollers or flat spots on the rollers
Grinding or screeching noises during operation
The garage door tracks are misaligned
The garage door is opening crookedly

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables work hand-in-hand with the springs to open and close the door safely and smoothly. Faulty cables significantly impact a garage door’s balance. The cables wrap around a drum attached to the corners of the garage door and wind and unwind when the door is in use. You’ll know you need garage door cable repair if you notice the following issues:

Cables that are broken or snapped
Cables that are loose or have fallen off the drum
Cables that are frayed, rusted, or worn down
The garage door is uneven when it opens
The garage door lacks smooth operation

Garage Door Opener Repair

Opener repair is one of the most common garage door repairs and also one of the most important! Garage door openers enable automatic door function. Repairs can include mechanical and electrical repairs. If you’re unsure if your garage door opener is the cause of your door problems, look for the following signs that you need garage door opener repair:

The garage door is moving slower than normal
The garage door reverses directions midcycle
The garage door shakes while opening and closing
The garage door is nonresponsive to the remote or wall switch

Garage Door Panel Replacements

If the majority of your garage door is in good condition but only a couple of the garage door panels are damaged, a garage door panel replacement is a great solution. These common garage door repairs are sometimes necessary after major storms or vehicle accidents. You’ll benefit from a panel replacement if you notice localized damage to one to three panels, including the following:

Dented panels
Warped panels
Cracked panels
Faded or peeling paint
Water damage or wood rot

Our #1 Tip to Maintain Healthy Garage Doors

Schedule garage door maintenance. That’s it! It’s really that simple. 

Professional garage door maintenance is recommended annually to keep your garage door operating at its best. Annual maintenance will ensure that all the components of your garage door system are:

  • Properly lubricated
  • Adjusted and aligned 
  • Free of rust, dirt, and debris
  • Operating safely and smoothly
  • Inspected for signs of wear and tear

Reduce the risk of needing common garage door repairs, and book a tune-up with Coney’s Garage Doors near Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Conway, AR!

Recognize the Signs? Take Action Now!

We’ve reviewed several of the most common garage door repairs and the signs that you need to seek professional help. Take some time to visually inspect your garage door as it opens and closes. Do you notice any of the signs mentioned above? 

If so, don’t wait to reach out to your local garage door company for help. Acting fast will:

  • Reduce the risk of more extensive damage occurring to garage door parts
  • Save you time and money on future garage door repairs
  • Eliminate safety and security concerns

Contact Coney’s Garage Doors near Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Conway, AR, to get your garage door back on track! 

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