Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Keep your garage door working the way you need it to in colder weather conditions.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your garage door operating smoothly in the upcoming cold months:

  1. Lubricate all moving parts of your garage door using a quality lubricant. This should include the springs, rollers, tracks, bushings, and hinges. Follow up and reapply in about one month.
  2. If your automatic opener suddenly fails to open the door, then disconnect the door opener, open the door manually, and shut it back. Repeat this a couple times, if needed, and reconnect the opener. If your garage door still does not raise or lower, you may need to replace the opener all together.

These tips only take a small amount of your time, but can keep your garage door working properly not just through the winter but for years to come.

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